Causes of Dog Poisoning
Your dog can get poisoned by consuming unclean or toxic items. It is an absolute fact that any veterinarian would tell you.

A plethora of instances can expose your pet to such a dire situation. If you have a grubby surrounding, there is a good chance that somewhere along there, a toxic material could be lurking. For example, mushrooms and leakage waste from radiators could be sniffed and licked by your dog.

These toxins can also get transmitted through skin absorption. That’s why it is quite hard to catch the culprit once your dog starts getting sick and morbid. Some insects can also induce lethal dosages of poison.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Poisoning
Always remember that not all poisons are the same. Their severity or lethality varies, depending on several factors. One of these is the amount of toxic material that entered into the dog’s system. Meanwhile, some toxins have a long-term effect. They don’t pop out immediately after entering the dog’s body. Instead, they build-up over time, especially if there has been continuous exposure.

The latter is a dangerous situation since the symptoms don’t appear instantly. One might even attribute the weariness that your dog feels to some other illnesses, or to the wrong medication, which could be fatal in some cases.

But for some toxins, their effects are immediate. Once you can spot these symptoms, you might want to consider taking your dog to the nearest veterinarian.

Here are some of the symptoms that you should be wary of:


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